Laughter is the first sensation that comes to me strangely. He just seems so comical, his eyes popping out and swaying back and forth on the grass. The blood stain on his top looks so funny too! I just find it funny. It's horrible and sick, but I find it funny. He falls backward onto the grass, knife lying on the ground next to him. I fall to my knees, crying with laughter now. I know that it seems sick and wrong, but I can't stop laughing.

I guess I should explain. Hi, I'm Zoya. I'm thirteen, normal height, long brown curly hair down behind my back. But I don't lead a normal life. I haven't slept in weeks and I'm always on the run. Running from my goverment. They want to kill me. I know this, even though on the telly and radio they give a discription of me, and say that there will be a reward for collecting me and calling the hotline, so they can come over there and 'Talk to me'.
Lies. That's what they are.
You see, I found out some time ago, a deadly secret about them. Stuff they hide from the general public.
But I found out. What they're hiding is that some children that have been kidnapped, have been kidnapped  by the goverment. Taken away and messed around with.
It's not natural.
They've been experimented on. Their minds broken into and twisted.
The goverment want to try and create a new breed of soldiers.
But the way they are trying to do it is sick and wrong.
Even more sick than laughing at the guy I just stabbed and killed.
And we are back to where we started.
Me killing that guy. You're probably rather scared that I find that funny, but I have had to kill so many times, its lost its horror and disgust to me. That is how bad the goverment want me.
I have trained myself in self defence and killing people. I don't like doing this but it's necessary.
Now where were we? Oh yeah.
Me laughing at that mans death.

After a short while laughing at that mans death I picked myself up and wiped my eyes.
Time to run once more.
Shouts come from across the park.
"There she is!"
"It's her from the telly!"
I groan. I don't want to kill these people. So I run instead.
I run across the park, and over to a building in front of me.
I stop in front of it and look up.
"That's rather tall" I mutter. I take out of my pockets some extra grip gloves. I slip them on and climb up, up, up and you get the idea. Pretty far up. After a long and well long climb I reach the top. I look down. I feel sick. I stop looking down. Simplicity for you. I turn around and run across the buildings roof. I reach the edge and fling myself off. Onto the next building, a bank. I keep at this running and leaping, till I'm halfway across the city. They can't have followed me this far. I climb down the building I am on using the same technique I used to climb up it. Except downwards. Duh.
I find myself on a busy street, loads of shops around. Time to get some supplies, like a blanket to sleep under tonight. Scanning the street I see a good candidate. A bed shop. I pull my cap down over my eyes and wander in. I look at the ceiling to try and find cameras. After this I try to find a blind spot. Yes, got one! Over in the corner of the shop no one can see me. And theres a bed there! Score! I walk over to it, trying to look as casual as possible. I wait until no one is looking and in one swift quick movement, sweep the quilt of the bed and whip in into my backpack. After this I leg it out of the front door. People follow me but it's not hard to knock them unconsious and run run far away. I find myself a dark alley that no-one has already inhabited, lay my quilt down and settle down for the night. Time to catch up on three weeks of sleep deprivation.

The End

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