Zoe-Rose is a princess, she's five years old however, we are sure that under
that disguise of five lies a much older soul.  Zoe-Rose is beautiful, long black hair
a little bitty thing with pretty brown baby-doll eyes. 

 Zoe-Rose is rough and tough,
(she has two older brothers) but still very girlie.  She loves make-up (there have been times I was mistaken for a relative of Ronald McDonald) and she loves to play dress up.

Zoe-Rose rubs grandmas head and sings "twinkle twinkle little star" so grandma
can go to sleep.  Zoe-Rose knows stories like "the three little pigs",
"the three bears", "red riding hood" "the gingerbread man", which she combines
into one story when she tells it (smile). It is funny to hear her tell how the "little pigs" moved in with the "three bears" they live across the street from "Red riding hood" down the street from reds' grandma and the big bad wolf caught the "gingerbreadman" and ate him.

Zoe-Rose is very curious, so it never surprises us when she brings us things we thought we had hidden away.  Zoe-Rose loves to pose for the camera, she can put her hand on her imagination (her hip) and sling that hair back. Zoe-Rose loves to sing and she will sing the song "you're beautiful", in turn, grandma must sing "the arms of the angel". Zoe-Rose falls asleep and I kiss her little forehead and I think to myself, how much I love her.

Zoe-Rose came into this world September 28th 2002 and took over all of our lives.
(and all of our stuff too)

The End

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