Random Yumms of nasty-ness-ness. Trust me... You think your mothers/wifes/hubbys cooking sucks, wait to you see these yummy combo's!!

PB&Toe-Jam smothered in Frogsauce,

A yummy meal with little cost.

Purple-People-Eater Stew,

Hurry now, theres only a few!


Eat to much, and you'll end up dead.

Mushy Mashed Pimple Goo,

Some for me, but more for you.

Snake Skin Salad,

Crunchy and Not THAT bad.

Fried Lions Tail,

Correctly cooked, it wont go stale.

Pickled Liver Smoothie,

Only eat it if your Moody.

All these tasty combo's can be yours,

Only if you live next door!

-An original by Bree and Mae(MyFlipFlopsBpopN)

The End

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