Your Hands

I started this off as a random sort of thing. Odd really, the way it turned out. Sort of just came to life and ran away with my initial word (hands). I was pleasantly srprised. I even have music to it! I just need to find a piano and someone who knows how to read/write music...

Your calloused hands are cracked and broken

Bearing the weight of all these years

Speaking of years beyond our lifetimes

Bearing scars for what you gave for mine

But I know your broken hands are worth

The world, and more, oh, so much more

Even if the world just looks through you

And you’re my world


 You knew me before my memory

And it’s been years and years since then

And those children that we are no more

Watch our boat sail from the shore

They wonder if we’ll ever make it

Back to where we were with them

One day we will make our way back

To those children on the shore,

And, did I tell you?

Did you know?

Puppy, you’re my world.


And your hands are cracked and broken

And they’re worth the world and so much more

And even if the world looks through me,

You know, you’re my world

Your face is lined and broken,

Your hands are chapped and cracked

And while my hands are smooth and cared for,

It’s only ‘cause you cared for me

You worked for me, just us two

Our happy little family

You and me


Your hands are broken, cracked, and lined

Hard from calloused-over sores

While they’re bared to the freezing wind,

Mine are warm, and swallowed up in yours

As we make our way back to those children,

Waiting on the shore

And did I tell you?

Did you know?

You know, you’re my world.

The End

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