Your Blood Falls Quickly

So, say sorry
With these dreams weighing me down
Your nightmare opened me up
A slip of the tongue sounds so laughable
I should cut it into a thousand parts
That side of me
That side of the line
Holding  hands with chaos
Consorting with betrayal
Dance, liar, dance
There is nothing else that you can do
I am forced to lie
So freely you gave to my closest
Happily I've left you behind
Yet I'm still so terrified of him
I am terrified of your open mouth
Vomiting the truth
Spewing my mistakes on an empty canvas of open eyes and ears
And I confess I broke it too
But I don't push it down as many throats that I can find
To my pillars
In my prayers
You assumed his position and revealed a moment of secrecy
Destined to give yourself up
Is this who you decide to be?
Give yourself up
Loneliness pervaded my being until I realised
Patience is not expected
Delivered twice
Received once
Don't speak another word
Don't give up the fact you so freely handed out what was reserved
And believed to be truth
Brush it off
I've moved on 

The End

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