You were all I saw that night.

I noticed you the moment I stepped into the bar.  I looked to my left as I walked through that squeaky front door, a habit that I still have.  You were sitting there alone drinking a pint of Guiness.  I knew I wanted to talk to you then.

I went and talked to some friends.  You got up to use the bathroom.  It was then that I noticed that you were wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers that were as worn out as mine.  It had to be a sign.

I did not plan on staying long at all that night.  I wanted to go someplace quiet, but you sitting there alone gave me a reason to stay.  I knew I wanted to talk to you.

I sat down on the barstool next to you, consequently it was the only one left after my friend sat down.  I sat there and sipped my Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and talked about how stupid I thought some guy's poncho looked in the western movie playing on the television.  I was looking for my 'in' to talk to you.

My 'in' came when someone I knew behind the bar asked someone if they wanted water.  I said, "Yeah, I really like drinking water," and pointed to my beer.  You smiled and said, "Yeah, me too," and you glanced down at your half-empty pint of Guiness.

We started talking and ended up talking for hours.  We talked and drank, and you lit my cigarettes for me.  I thought it was so charming.

The bartender rang the bell for last call, so we finished our beers and left.  We walked to the corner of Chambersburg Street and Franklin Street, and that was where we had to part.  I said my sheepish goodbye, and I hugged you.

I thought about you the whole drive home, but did not realize that we did not exchange phone numbers until I got home.  I thought that I probably would not see you again.  I did hold out hope all week after that, because Gettysburg is a small town after all. 

It was Friday night, six days after I had met you.  I was walking into the Gateway theatre with my friend to see The Dark Knight.  We walked into the theatre sat down, and then I looked at the row behind me.  There you were sitting there.  It was like it was meant to happen that way.

We talked after the movie and you said you'd see me the next night.

The End

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