A teaspoon of courage

You can be a winner for just a minute if not for the rest of your life

To me there are one or two things I know about the truth

You can never run away from it.

The truth of which you are, the truth that is in your heart

And what you know is right.

You can always pretend to be what you fancy being,

Looking that is in front of others as well as yourself

But deep down you will always be the true you.

People this days run away from themselves either

Because they fear what the world will think of them

Fear that the world will push them away or neglect them

Fear that the world will see them different

Fear that they might scare away a few humans

Fear of becoming a misfit.

But If we learnt to hide our fears for even one minute

And lived our own lives in this God forsaken Earth

We would all gain a lot and also we would loose something

But the important thing is that we accepted to be ourselves

And conquered our fears for that minute

You gave yourself a chance to show the world what you’re really made of.





The End

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