You Found Me

A short-story inspired by "You Found Me" by The Fray.

I didn't feel anything. All I remember is the slow motion of the airplanes flying by. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun tickled my skin. I kept thinking, maybe I shouldn't do this. Maybe things could change. It could be better. I could be better. But it was too late...

I didn't even recognize myself. My legs, discombobulated and twisted in several ways; my face, disturbing and flattened. I try to softly touch my arm but like a hologram, I go right through it. I feel as if I want to cry, but there's a sense of peace around me.

A crowd forms around my once-composed body. A woman in all black covers her mouth. She walks over and begins to give me sympathetic looks. Or should I say she gave my body these looks? I don't feel as if I'm part of my body anymore. A man in an expensive Armani suit walks by, keeping his cell phone to his ear but shutters after he catches a glance of me.

"Blood makes him uncomfortable," a deep but calm voice spoke out. "He's very squeamish."

I turned in disbelief. Standing before me was a man one didn't have words to describe. He was in a white robe that stretched to the ground of the dirty New York City sidewalk. His hair was long and gray, but his appearance glowed unlike anyone I had ever seen. "Where have you been?" I asked in a shaky, tearful voice.

The man didn't move. He smiled ever so slightly, "Ask anything."

"I want to know where you were when my life was falling apart. I wanted a call, was that so much to ask? I waited for it but it never came and now all of a sudden, you've decided to pick up. Where were you?"

The man pondered for a moment, but said nothing. His silence was more powerful than any words he could have muttered. "You found me a little too late," I finally said.

His eyes had not left my gaze yet, but he finally looked away. He took a step towards the road, but still said nothing. I wasn't sure what to do. Even now, I felt ignored, unimportant... "Why do you take everything I want?" I whispered.

The man sighed. He finally returned his attention to me but still, remained silent. I stared at him impatiently awaiting my answers. "Remember when you asked me to let you know I was there? The sky rumbled with loud thunder, but you ignored it and put on your headphones. I found you, but you never found me."

New York City began to fade from my vision. It was as if the man had taken WhiteOut and applied it to the entire city. Golden gates appeared to my right. I stared in awe at their beauty. They seemed never ending in height and they looked exactly the way all the children's books pictured them. I began to walk towards them, but the man placed his hand on my shoulder and said: I found you.

I woke up panting. I looked down at my red covers to find I was still in my bed wearing the flannel pajamas I'd been wearing the night before. I put my hands to my face, it was untouched by cruel cement. I lifted my covers to find my legs unbroken. Taking a deep breath in relief, I turned on my lamp for more light. In the place of my alarm clock was a bible opened to a page with a highlighted verse I had not yet seen before.

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed; I am your God. I will strengthen you, and help you, and uphold you with my right hand of justice." Isaiah 41:10

To this day, people still don't believe me that this event occurred. My friends told me I probably ate something that made me have this strange dream. My family thinks I was reading the bible before bed and don't remember highlighting that verse. My co-workers think I made the whole thing up. I don't believe any of them; you found me.

The End

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