you cry

this song is one of my unhappy songs,but i wrote it today,so i thought i would show you al :)

verse 1-

you'll call on me
and i wont hear you speak
you'll cry my name
and i'll just think its the wind
yes you'll beg for me
to even just look at you
but i wont turn your way
cause im not strong enough too
i've given up on you


yes you can call me
but ill reject your call
you can text me
but i wont text you at all
you can hunt me down
and kill me over a dozen times
but ill still  be there
replying on your selfish,twisted mind
cause all i want to see is
you cry

verse 2-

you can bring me down
and you can cut me up
you can watch my world
just fall completely apart
but you wont be as strong
or as big as me
cause i did nothing to hurt or upset you
you see

verse 3-

i wont say i didnt love you
wont say i didnt care
i wont say you didnt mean the world to me
or that i thought you would always be there
but none im gone
and you want to talk to me
but i dont want too
i want to be free


The End

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