Advice to one A map

Dear Misery's Company,


  I saw your writing in its work. And you seem to want to hold one of us back. The question is; Why?


What possible reason is there for you to help a lost soul that you have never met? How could you, a person who wishes to help understand?


Perhaps, once, in your past you were lost in the same ways as us.


Perhaps you thought in the same unfathomable depths that we are drowning in.


Perhaps, when you last held that knife, or razor blade, or glass as shattered as your heart, you wished to slash it across some, important piece of skin. If only to finish the waiting.


That is not important.


Know though. Asking for someone to imagine you holding them back is a mistake.


You cannot stop a soul that is trapped in a caneon from going foreward. Instead you must turn them around and show them that, if you can't go sideways, then travel back the way that has been passed.


You must be ready to be shrugged off like water. But do not try to cling.


Just as a piece of soap. If you hold on too hard you will inevitably speed them on a journey that you are trying to stop.


A lost soul cannot be guided.


You cannot hold out a map for something as shattered as a human heart. Instead you must merely hand the owner the glue and the tweezers so he can mend it himself.


Perhaps in life. You must be the crutch for those like us. Yet it is hardly a fate to be envied.


Yet remember these words. Because they are spoken from another soul that has been lost for a long time.



The Darkest Path

The End

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