When No One's Listening

Green cards on the table,
Cigarettes smolder, 
Lifting bottles, a wet ring of remembrance. 

When no one is listening,
No one is around,
Soft skin of the wound doesn't heal,
Red cards lay face proud.

Touching the moment,
Cigarette burns,
Lying compulsively, a dream to forget,

A wet lie to dampen the syndrome.
Her soft face provides the cushion.

Some hopes have failed here,
Some new testament to romance.

When no one is listening,
No one is around,
Something soft settling in the skull,
No one can hear a sound...

So we cut down these weeds to smoke, 
Bleed the blood we bleed,
Step the stones, so many times,
Brain crushed heavily.

Somewhere in the dying words,
Some how, soft decay,
Something left deep inside,
And blew us all away. 

The End

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