When did my feelings get so deep?

I loved you so much I can't even go to sleep.

When I imagine you on your bed fast asleep

trust me baby you swept me off my feet.


Remeber that day when you lent me a pen?

oh your smile, I'll give it a ten outta ten

I promised you I won't forget it ever again

but just to see your smile I ask over and over again


On the weekend we went to our favorite park

I ask, didn't you want to go to an amusement park?

not anymore cuz look, she happily remarked

In front of us was a beautiful rainbow arc


ooh ooh ohh

I feel I'm going crazy just talkin to you

ohh ohh ohh

I think I'm fallin for you, im in a deja vu


But I remember that day in my head crystal clear

It was one of my darkest fears

I passed by and I happened to overhear

that you were moving feburary this year


But that less in a week! I panicked in my head

I shed some tears and rip my love letter to shreds 

Oh god, stop it! just shoot me in the head!

to be away from her, I'd rather be dead


The day she had to leave, I couldnt tell her goodbye

I simply look up at the sky, sigh then cry

This is all a lie, why do tears fill up my eye

Its cuz I loved you, and that I could not deny.


The End

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