Yes, I'm Growing Old Gracefully.. not

Grow old gracefully.. exactly how is that done?  You don't really grow old, it kind of sneaks up on you and slaps you on the head. 

One day you wake up and find that your worst enemy is what keeps you attached to the earth GRAVITY..  

I can remember dancing till dawn, skating, hula hoops, volley ball, hiking..  Let me tell you, I went to the skating rink with my Dandelions, boy it brought back memories, I used to skate forward, backward, any direction I chose, I could go as fast as I wanted, had the balance of a tight rope artist..  here is the thing, skates now look like blades of grass, for some reason it was too much to put the wheels in the back and front, side by side or as we called them 4-squares.  Now they are in a straight line..  Why? 

My ankles were sore for a week not to mention my thighs trying to keep my legs together, then I hit the floor, so glad I had a little junk in my trunk or I would have had pins in my pelvis.

I watch every step I take.. I am clumsier than a toddler taking their first steps.. my worst fear, falling.. 

I love perfume.. now I have to make sure my odors don't clash, you know essence of {white shoulders & au de ben-gay}..

My sleeping pattern has changed, 4 hours on 20 hours off, if I had a rooster he'd commit suicide..  And let me tell you, I am so very aware of my body.. I have places on my body I didn't even know I had, all of those places hurt, unnecessarily..  one morning I awakened to a painfully swollen hand.. I don't know why, I don't know what happened during the night, I kept waiting to see one of the kids come in with a black eye.. Things that used to point up now point down or, right or, left..

I have lost at least 200 pairs of glasses, red looks like orange, black looks like blue, I have no idea what the kids are talking about half the time..  A good thing, my hearing, man I can hear everything and I usually wind up shouting at the kids to turn the T.V. down..  Which, one of them complained about in front of my Dr... who then explained that my hearing wasn't just good, it was abnormally good.. some itis I think he said but, anyway, the kids usually wind up huddled around the T.V. like it's the only one in existence.. I realized, no one could hear it but me.. hmm.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I forget things and I wind up sitting, thinking and usually crying..

I bit into a graham cracker once and broke my tooth..

Oh yes, the "Change" is a wonderful time.. sort of like being caught between the Twilight Zone and One Step Beyond.. yes, you cry, scream then burst into flame.. otherwise known as Menopause or as my oldest Dandelion calls it Mentalpause..

Get old Gracefully...  yea I'm doing that..



The End

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