The next day Sarash ventures out to the market, basket in hand. But she is not shopping. Oh no, she is going to see if the boy, James comes back.

Stand Runner: "Well G'day miss! I was hoping to see you back here today! Good news, the price for the goods were waning to purchase yesterday have dropped dramatically!"

Sarah: (Looking around and not at the man) "Oh, well that's pleasant. But I'm afraid I haven't brought anything to pay with today."

Stand Runner: (catching on) "Oh, I see miss. You're hoping that silly boy will come back today. Are you wantin' to give him a good whippin' for knocking you over yesterday."

Sarah: (apalled and embararrsessed) "My word sir, not in the least bit!" ( Sarah begins to walk away when she hears a yell coming from behind her. She turns around just in time to jump out of the way from James barreling into her)

James: (Stops running and looks at Sarah, surprised) "Well hello fair Sarah. I didn't expect to see you in this area today!"

Sarah: "Neither did I you, er-for you, with you. Well, not with you, but I-"

James: (interrupts Sarah with his laughter and Sarah glares at him. Suddenly he grabs her hand and yells to her) "Follow me! Hurry, run!"

Sarah: (holds James's hand and runs with him out of town to the outskirts of the forest, hearing clashing and banging behind them, but never looks back on the small village of Scratchford)

The End

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