Ye Olde' Village

A play set in some old time :))

And here is where our play begins-

It starts in the little village of Scratchford, England in early 1560. The setting starts in the town square, with our star, Sarah Claude, buying foods. 

(Sarah approaches a fruit stand and picks up two apples, a bunch of grapes, and a handful of figs.)

Stand runner: "That'll be 12 shillings, miss."

Sarah: "12? (She exclaims, retracting the 10 shillings in her hand.)

Stand runner: "I apologize, miss. Ever since the king raised his taxes on the stands here at the market, the prices have had to go up for us to survive. (He replies.)

Sarah: (Shaking her head, she asks-) "And why has the king raised his taxes?"

Stand runner: (Looks at Sarah, astonished) "Well haven't you heard, miss? The prince is getting married!"

Sarah: "I'm sorry if I don't know this, because no one has ever seen the prince and I am a bit too busy at home to come to the town square everyday and hear the news of the arrogant king and his family." (Sarah turns up her nose and walks away without any food. As she takes a few steps away, a boy runs into her, knocking her basket to the ground and everything in it scatters)

Boy: "Oh! I am so sorry, miss. I wasn't watching where I was going." (Boy bends down as Sarah bends down to pick up the basket and food.)

Sarah: "Well that is obvious." (She says this sarcastically. She takes her basket with the food items inside and stands up to have a good look at the boy.)

Sarah: "Say, I haven't seen you around these parts. Where do you come from?"

Boy: (He doesn't answer directly, but holds out his hand.) "I am from far south. My family and I were just passing by. My name is James."

Sarah: (Takes his hand hesitantly, shaking them up and down. "My name is Sarah Claude. My family's cottage is down that path aways. (She points to the side) "Do you have a last name, James?"

James: "Goodbroad." (He lies smoothly, not making eye contact. Then he quickly looks behind him, then back to Sarah.) "Well, I must be off then. It twas a pleasure meeting you, fair maiden Sarah Claude. (Leans down to kiss Sarah's hand then jogs away.)

Sarah: (Embarrased, Sarah hurries away out of the market and back to her cottage, all the while thinking of this mysterious James Goodbroad.) 

The End

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