Wrong Person, Wrong Time

If those on the outside knew, they would carelessly view me as the vixen, the home wrecker, the slut or whatever label they felt fit to give themselves enough lift to look down on me. But, I didn’t grow up without morals or a conscience. If anything, I grew up too late. And because time failed to introduce us sooner, he didn’t even know me when he got down on one knee.

Instead, time brought him another soul and after their introductions they both stuck around. And after a time, they knew each other well, and after a time, they cared for each other well, and after a time they proclaimed that they would be with each other for all time.

And since they both stated the words “I do” and guided metal around each other’s fingers, I’m suppose to believe that because of this left-sided commitment the right choice was made. But, after all this time spent by one another's side, their hearts still felt change but neither could toss the other aside because they feared not knowing one another after all this time.

He’s never once told me to wait for him. He’s never once formed the words to make me grasp the hope of a 'happily ever after'. I’m not the foolish girl clinging to a man who could never love her. I’m a girl who never had time on her side. And maybe time was mad at me for all the instances I defied it and was impatient. And maybe it has given me the ultimate test of my patience. And maybe the outsiders feel that I've failed because I seduced a man into briefly tossing his ring of metal aside for moments that I was too weak to wait for.

But although I am weak, the secret, that my heart keeps, is far more strong and even if my heart grows old, the secret that it holds will never feel the presences of time and will never know what it has done. For in a moment’s glance my heart whispered to me something more profound. So I will never need color in my hair or teeth in my mouth to say, “I love you”. Because, even if there’s not enough time, I will still have to wait.

The End

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