Rambling: Religion and Spirituality. Part 2/2Mature

Note; I cut it in half due to the length.

The closest my belief can be labeled is as Shamanism. Wikipedia define shamanism as:
"Shamanism is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world."

That, is a colossal understatement of what it is and leads to a lot of confusion. Yes "Altered states of consciousness." Is technically huge part of it but most people just think it means getting blitzed to hell.

It's not. TO be drugged out of your mind, doesn't make you a shaman. To believe in any shamanistic culture's mythology doesn't make you one either. To be a shaman is to see the universe unbidden.

To change your consciousness you don't even need drugs, trances or ritual. If you've read axis mundi, you've seen a simple exercise that I admittedly took out of the invisibles. Not just to make myself sound smarter but because It embodies well what shamanism means.
In the original, a monk shows an antique chair to his student asking what it is. Naturally the student says it's a chair. When he asks her what it is again, she just describe it, a seating surface with four legs and a back.

"Is that all this is?" the master ask. "A carpenter could tell you of the craftsmanship, an antiquarian could tell you of it's price and historic value." He then ask them how if they cannot describe an inanimate object well they can describe themselves or the complexity of the universe.

This bit if you take it and think does make you understand a bit what a shaman does. It's all about labels. Once you label and categorize something, it's no longer worth paying attention. "It's just a cat. Just a Goth girl." But is it true? Is it just that, is what you see all there is?
It's also important to understand one thing, there is no truth out there. Because even if there was, we only see the world via the paradigm we've been given. A tribal native could tell you a lightning bolt was the gods that are angry. A scientific would just explain the phenomenon and so on. Everyone has a different interpretation.

Yes, lightning is caused by (Insert scientific explanation, this is already long enough as it is) but does that also mean that it's just that? We can't tell since we only have such a limited view of the world.

Consider this fact; of the electromagnetic spectrum (IE light) we see from red to violet. That, is 1% of the light spectrum that exist. Same thing for all our senses; our hearing, taste and sight are rather weak compared to most animals.

We interact with three dimension of space but science has many more in it's theories that we simply have no way of feeling or understand outside of abstract theories and in hypothesis.

Also we only know one dimension of time (IE it's a strait line) Maybe that's not how it truly works. Maybe things like ghosts are just displaced images on a non-strait temporal mechanics. Maybe they're actually people's soul or just an imprint left there. We can't be certain.

The important is not to accept things as they are but take everything at face value, examine the facts and think without limiting the mind and jumping to conclusion. That's how you alter consciousness. Drugs are a crutch but that's it, they aren't the road. Just what helps you walk it when trouble stops you.

The End

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