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Nerathul here; Rathias decided to join the experiment but I'll be trojan horsing her entries as some people around her do not respect privacy and check her personal stuff.

Beside, sometimes it's better to talk to strangers about your issues than to those you have to live with. A stranger that's annoying or grating, you can just ignore. No such luck IRL

Whitout further ado;

---Who I am---

For all of you who don't already know me, my name's Rachael Harris. Some people call me Rath, Ratthias, or even Blazey. I simply like my original name, though.
As Cedric, or Nerathul, said, "I have issues I'm not afraid to admit".

So here;
I'm basically the complete opposite of most people. I'm perfectly fine with talking about myself; however, I'm shy. Extremely so. Due to being shy, I have a limited amount of friends and absolutely none of them are face-to-face. So I really don't have the opportunity to talk about myself.

I've been cyber schooling for four years now. However, when I did go to public school, I was kind of the "weird" kid. Instead of playing at recess, I'd watch other kids play. I developed the beginning of my knack for writing there, actually. If I wasn't writing, I was reading.

I've grown to enjoy roleplaying, also. My characters are usually built around my own life, but not too much. That's also how the characters in my stories are. I couldn't have said it better than Nerathul, so I'm going to quote him; "Writting for me is more than just writting words to make an entertaining story. To me, it's putting my essence and soul onto paper."

A few extra things you ought to know about me;

  • -I'm OCD and Schizophrenic.
  • -I have a deep hatred for face-to-face socialization and I avoid it whenever possible.
  • -I'm Bisexual. Not ashamed to be, either.-I've been, and I still am, a victim of bullying
  • -I don't really have a specific religion. I believe certain things from different religions, but they all have their faults and plot holes and it confuses me. Thus, I pick and choose within religions.
The End

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