Story: Passing awayMature

This is not actualy a concrette event, it's more of a slow spiritual path being placed as a story. Excluding my grandmother's death.

Kane stood silently away from the tomb. Everyone was in black. In both clothing and mood. The week prior, his grand mother had died. He didn't know her, having only seen her a half-dozen times in his twelve years. 

"Why is everyone so sad?" He thought to himself. He was old enough to understand the implication of death but something made no sense to him.

His parents hadn't implanted any religion in his mind. His mother was agnostic while his father was buddhist. At the time, he hadn't found his own beliefs quite yet.

He liked mythology and religion so he loved doing research. Every religion spoke about the afterlife. Promising paradise or reincarnation for those who were good. "It must be the fear of the unknown." he noted.

He didn't understand it, his curious nature made him reveal in finding out new information and knowledge. For him, death was just another mystery rather than a sad thing. His life hadn't been easy, his mother drank a lot and was cruel, she didn't hit physically but mentally she hurted more than a knife could.

He had often considered suicide, planned several atempts but never acting on them. Sometimes laziness can be a good thing... 

The funerals dragged on for a while. When it was over, nobody commented that he wasn't sad. They probably though that he was just in shock.


So the child grew into a teenager. He was one hell of a mess for a person to say the least. He stopped talking to people outright, never left the house, missing school constantly.

He had been depressive for as long as he could remember. Which wasn't that much, maybe it was genetics or just his brain but he alway forgot just about everything that happened, stashing the memories at the back of his mind, letting them lurk until they painfully crashed back to him.

One night, as he pondered suicide, he began thinking about what was in the next life.

"If there's nothing, atleast I'll stop suffering.
If there's heaven, I'll be good.
If there's hell then I'll get what I deserve.
If we reincarnate, I just hope I get a relaxing life..." He realised.

Altough he didn't kill himself that night, it had triggered an epiphany in him. He wasn't afraid of death anymore, it was all part of the circle of life afterall. Maybe there were still things to do in this world for him.

The End

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