Story: VoicesMature

Not safe for children.

Author's intro; This is something that happened to me a few years ago. I was deeply depressed, victim of bullying and my single mother had fallen deathly ill (She had to have a heart transplant and hasn't exactly recovered yet...)

For a while, when my emotions were out of control, I heard voices speaking to me and alien feelings taking a hold of me.

Was it some Schitzophrenic outburst? No idea! Maybe it was my head that was messed up, maybe I was just over emotional or maybe I was possesed by a demon (I'm serious here.)

Random note; Kane Johnson will be the name of my fictionalised alter ego.


The science class was just a few meters ahead. Kane walked slowly, a large stack of books and binder in arm. He alway forgot to let the text book in class so he had to carry them back everytime and they were quite thick and heavy.

Next to the emergency staircase, Sebastian joked with his friend. Kane knew him a tiny bit, but they were just aquaintance not friends. He didn't have friends here in school. He had to stay back a grade and he was now in last year of middle school so everyone he knew were gone.

Altough he had stayed back one year, he wasn't a bad student. In fact, he scored the best in the school in english and history. He had to begin the year all over again due to his constant skipping on school.

People had alway teased him for his weight, calling him Buddha. It didn't help he was a shy and akward kid.

"Hey Kane!" Sebastian called him.

The boy stopped his way and looked at the guy calling him out.

'What is it?" he asked.

The guy didn't answer and just slapped upward the fat kid's breast, making it jiggle as the bully's friends laughed.

He often took this kind of shit with stride. But that day he couldn't handle it. His mother was on the verge of dying, he had used every bit of strenght he had to go to school and now that happened.

He dropped his books on the floor and before Sebastian could react, his fist smashed on the guy's face several times.

That's when he heard to voices again.

"Kill him!" They said, "You'll enjoy it." They claimed. "He deserves it all!"

His whole body shaked not in anger but in horror. The voices wasn't all he heard. Deep inside of him, something awoke, a taste for blood.


Not a taste but a NEED for blood. It didn't just strike him, it aroused him like an attractive partner would...

He grabbed his things and ran for the classroom and bit his thumb hard enough blood spilled... Pain was the onlything he knew would stop the craving...


Side notes; Buddha was actually the name people called me in Middle/high school...

Yes, all of this actually happened. I'm not making shit up. Just romanticising it a bit.

Sebastian was not the guy's name. I'm not divulging anything. And to be fair, Seb was actually kind of nice. Altough I considered him just an aquaintance, he though of me as a friend. Which was why he did the prank, he thought he would mind it between friends.

We didn't exactly become BFF but there was no animosity between us.

The End

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