Nighfall is When We RuleMature

    Darkness falls over the land as the lights of the town flicker on. I wait by our usual spot knowing you'll come. You appear from the bushes with a smile on your face, "Shall we begin?" I ask with a hint of tease in my voice.

"Why of course!" You answer and toss me a pack of skittles.

   We begin our nightly fun, we roam the town without a care in the world. Running from angered house owners, eating ice cream at two in the morning, walking along the train tracks , and watching the stars slowly progress across the night sky. This is our paradise, no one else can enjoy is as we do. I glance over at you as the setting moon and rising sun cast a beautiful glow over your face, "It's almost dawn" I rise up onto one elbow and smile down at you. "Yeah...guess we'd better get going then." You stick your tongue out as I stand up and help you onto your feet.

    We take the tracks all the way back to my favorite gas station where we buy ourselves our daily donuts and drinks. As we walk towards the school we giggle and laugh about the most random things, like how that cloud looks like an evil bunny eating a human arm.

    "I dunno what I would do without you, you're my best friend, and the night is when we rule this world." You simply roll your eyes and toss me a M&M pack, "Well then, we've got more ruling to do tonight buddy" You smile happily as we walk into the school doors, throwing M&M's at random freshmen.

Written By: David Ericson

The End

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