My WarningMature

    Heed this warning I bring to you. For your soul is on the line. Be weary of the two faced souls, they only come to use us. The face they show you is the face of truth and peace, but their real face shows itself when we are not looking. It is the face of destruction.

   Be weary of cheaters, they are deceitful and unfaithful. Their only goal is to obtain their own personal thrill and pleasure. Beware of liars, these people can become whatever they wish to be, they will lie until they die.

    Beware of men and women alike who seek only sex and pleasure, they may capture your heart at first, but when they are finished with you... they will toss you out the window while going 70 down the interstate. Heartbreakers can be anyone, they are not as dangerous unless breaking hearts is their life goal.

    Be warned of creepers, not the nicknames ones, but the real ones who will steal you off the street and do whatever they wish with you.

    My warning may not be clear, but I hope you can see what I'm try9ing to tell you... for your very soul is on the line.

Written by: David Ericson

The End

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