Today I decided to draw my main character from my most prominent Work In Progress. After a while, I’d managed to capture her facial expressions, but when it came to her body I didn’t know how to dress her. I already know and have metioned in my story how her best friends dress, what her sister wears, what her parents wear…I think I now need to write a scene from her friend’s perspective to figure out what the hell kind of material she puts on her body.

I already know my character’s journey - internal and external - I know the factors that contribute to her life, both innate and from the environment in which she lives. I know her likes, pet hates; I know her favourite colours, favourite music; I know the people she loves and those she keeps closest to her heart. What I don’t know is her mannerisms, her expressions, the things she does when she’s nervous.

To overcome this I might try writing from her sister’s POV, or her Dad’s, or her best-male friends. This way, I’ll be able to see her through the eyes of people who each, in turn, will see, know and love her differently to one another - people who think of her much differently to how see thinks of herself. 

I bid you a good evening, Protagonize. There is much afoot in the writing world!

The End

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