It's almost a month since I last wrote this journal, so here I am again.

Since a month ago I have started planning/rough drafting the opening scenes from three new story ideas. I'm torn whether to follow the threads of the most prominent new idea or whether to stick to my current bulk of my WIP, which I work on almost daily and which is almost finished.

I'm thinking that I'll use Laurie Halse Anderson's Write Fifteen Minutes a Day task that'll run through August to test the characters of my new stories, and not put my current novel on the backburner but instead continue writing that outside of my WFMAD exercises. Failing that, I think I'm ready for NaNoWriMo, so I might try out my new ideas during this month as well.

Lots more I could stay but much more stories I could write about, so til the next time, journal.

The End

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