So I'm entering this story writing competition on ITV (UK TV channel) in which competitors are required to submit the first three chapters of their novel plus up to a two page synopsis and a brief biography of themselves. If you're shortlisted, you get to go on the show and read your work live to whoever is watching the channel. If you win, you get a publishing contract with Harper Collins UK and an editor - and a hefty £10,000 advance. Your book, if you won, would be published sometime in 2012.

Neeedless to say I am entering, despite my chances of winning are slim (although I suppose I've got as good a chance as any, right?). I'm submitting SEASONS OF MY SOUL, so unfortunately I have been advised by ITV to delete any chapters from Protagonize in case I progress into the competition. So sorry about that, if you were reading it. I'll upload sometime late September when the winners are announced. 

I'm excited, because it's properly making me revise my work. And I'm scared, because I literally never show anybody my writing - apart from you, Protagonize! - and especially not people at Harper Collins. 

Anyway, I'm off to piece together this jigsaw of a story and send it to London!


The End

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