So last night I a dream. I dreamt I was writing a story, and the opening three sentences of this story were so captivating that I am using them in the start of the novel that was in my dream (I figured if I was writing this novel in a dream, then how could I NOT begin to write it in real life?). I have changed them a bit, because I can't remember them precisely, but I remember the main parts, the most thrilling parts.

And I'm so excited, I can't even describe. It's going to be hard to write, because it's from a boy's POV - and I'm a girl, so I can't completely relate. I'm going to use my experience of having read Looking For Alaska by John Green and the parts in Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater that were written from a boy's POV. I haven't figured out my main character's name yet - do any of you guys have any ideas? Please let me know if you do. :)

I can't post anything of it on here at the mo', as I'm thinking of entering it into a competition in July - and the rules state if I am to do so I am not permitted to publish any of that novel online before I submit my entry. :( I'll keep updating this journal on it though, for my own sake mostly,  but if you enjoy it then...great. :)


The End

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