In which I moan and groan (and sometimes whoop-de-doo) about my writing process.

Today has been a strange day in my little world of writing. 

This morning I was researching about book publishing on the internet, and found this:

 “Don’t write the book yet. If you don’t find a taker, you don’t want to have wasted your time writing an unsaleable book.”

It annoyed the hell out of me, so I tumbl-ed about it here.


Then, I was writing some of my newest novel that I'm maybe (possibly) going to enter into a competition in July. As I finished my first chapter few paragraphs I felt so alive, like one often does when the first words of a brand new story have been written. And now I feel so bummed because I don't know much about my story or about my characters, even though their sense of self is evident and strong in the parts I've already written. And it's so easy to feel like it's never going to get written because there isn't a huge plot outline yet, because I'm tired, and I'm trying so hard to remember that I've felt like this before with SEASONS OF THE SOUL, and have to keep reminding myself look how far into the story you've got now. Look how you wouldn't be without your characters - look how you smile each time you think of it. 

And I want to believe in my story. I do. And I will, I'm just exhausted, and I hate these doubts and fears that accompany the writing process. Do you guys get this, too? I'm sure you do. 

Anyway, I just ordered a WRECK THIS JOURNAL from Amazon. For all you creative bunch out there, I'd definitely recommend it. Very arty and fun. Very Pippa from SEASONS OF THE SOUL.

The End

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