Not A Challenge

I have this wee problem.

Oh, it is nothing dangerous. The world at large isn’t going to be in difficulty because of the conversations. I’m certainly not in any trouble, nor the people or animals that live with me.

I guess it isn’t even that bad.  What it is, is annoying.

So what is the problem that is (not) evil? People asking me what I’m up to.

The question itself isn’t what gets me. It is a legitimate question for someone to ask that hasn’t seen me in a long while.  You ask ‘what have you been doing?’ to people you care about, or at least you ask it to be in on all the dirt in their lives. People are snoopy critters, after all.

My response is what irritates me. My mind grinds to a halt, and all I can think of is . . . nothing.  Therefore, I tell them I’ve done zilch.

Forget the fact that I’ve so busy I don’t know what to do with myself in the moments I’m not busy. Between housework, writing my novel series, writing my club novel (it is shared authordom with three other members), my crocheting, learning the piano, and research on Australia – and New Zealand. Oh, don’t forget Japan. My extensive knowledge of tea is growing all the time.

What else am I doing? My pictures! I’m doing a digital art series, and since it is all from my head, I need to design every stitch of clothing, every piece of furniture, every building, and every person – from their hair to their eyes to their height to their pose. I need to research any area or era that the person(s) is sitting or standing or whatever in. Don’t forget the animals - dogs, man’s best friend, and cats, a woman’s best friend. Not to mention any other animals I feel need to be added later on. Birds? Mice? Snakes?

 Moreover, let us not dismiss the largest time consumer of them all: planning my ornament business, not to mention the making of all said ornaments.

When someone asks me what I’m doing, all this just goes out my head. Gone. Lost in the wind, as it were. Bye bye thoughts and hello lazy person.

I don’t give my extended family much to go on. Let’s examine what they know about me: I’m still living with my parents. I do not have a job, so I don’t pay rent. I don’t have a boyfriend. Since I say I do nothing, that implies I don’t do housework, or yard work.

No wonder so many people think I’m so lazy.

A normal person would tell their family the following: I’m still living with my parents, but hey, I do everything they ask me to, whether it’s the dishes, or the bathroom (toilets are scary things, my friends) or painting the house. One could say I do it for free, but their letting me stay at their house rent-free, so I think I’m paying my rent when I do a lot of the things I do. After all, if I were renting, all I would have to do is clean up after myself, pay on time, and not annoy the neighbors. How many people rent a place and are expected to clean up their neighbors messes? Or paint their apartment building? Not many. The landlord is expected to paint the place, and mow the lawn, and such.

Honestly, I’ve never mowed the lawn before, though. I’m frightened of the lawn mower, ever since that one summer when my brother go it in the foot with a hanger. Why a hanger was in the yard, I’ll never know.

So that’s the rent in the rent free place.

The boyfriend….well, there are a whole host of reasons why I don’t have a boyfriend. I think the big one is I don’t get out of the house much. A little difficult to snag a man when you don’t leave your home, no?

Another reason: smiling. I can’t do it. Just the way I was born – muscles didn’t develop, if I understand right. Or maybe my nerves didn’t quite make it. I appear normal – actually, my brother tells me if I lost weight, I’d get as many guys as I want because I have such big boobs. (double D, yay. Note sarcasm.) I just can’t smile, or grin. And how many people do you know that would give someone a chance if they never smiled? (Though the boob theory might kick that out the window.)

As for not having a job, a person with a brain would talk about their business. Not me, oh no.

Which leads me back to my wee problem. I do nothing?! Come on brain, think. You have so many projects on the go, and all you can come up with is nothing?!

I need a tea.


I'm addicted to the Sims.

The End

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