February Challenge : Love in any of its forms.

I believe in reincarnation. I believe the Afterlife is simply where we started from, and where we will go again. I also believe that our Home is an unimaginable place of peace, beauty and perfect weather. Love not only surrounds everything, but also is the very building blocks of the structures, and the living tissue.

Our Home has oceans upon oceans, mountains and forests that stretch literally forever, and deserts that would put any desert on our plane to shame. One cannot get lost in this place unless one wishes too, and most important of all, there is no suffering.

Some people would tell me I am imaginative. Others would say I am foolish and I need to use some logic. I say to them, I remember it. I remember the timelessness, the ability to go anywhere, to visit anything. I even remember the way the places, objects, and food smelled. This is significant because I cannot smell – I was never able to smell. I was born without the ability.

Today our original Home welcomed Buddy, our furry family member. He is now running amok about three feet above the ground, probably having a grand old time chasing a cat. They both would enjoy it. If that is true now, they are probably taking turns.

Perhaps he has found my Grandparents, and is now following Grandma P around, waiting for her to give him some yummy chicken. It would not be real chicken, of course. It would have the same texture, same taste.

Some people would tell me to stop wishing. Some people would say, “He’s just a dog. Who cares?” Well, I believe everyone goes to heaven, no matter the species.

I believe that what makes it heaven, is the fact that all your loved ones are there waiting for you, no matter if they have no legs, two legs, or four legs. What makes it heaven is that love is there. To say that only humans may love is a statement made by someone who is ignorant. Or worse, someone who refuses to look beyond human supremacy.

Buddy is there now. He had cancer, and he could no longer drink or eat. He had trouble walking. Now he is in a meadow. Or maybe it’s a field. He is running free, with no pains. He knows no hunger or thirst, but may eat or drink if he wishes.

I know like all of our other family members that have gone back Home, Buddy is now waiting for us. To us it may seem like a long time, but in the Timeless World, there is no such thing as a long time. After all, why would you count the days when if you are wrapped up and made out of love?

The End

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