New Year Challenge : Happiest Memory of the Past Year

Five minutes.

Five minutes to go and the little turds (a.k.a. my sisters) leave me alone on New Years Eve with Austin Powers, of all people. The spy I've been avoiding because I thought he was disgusting. Couldn't have been Max Smart, or James Bond. It had to be Austin Powers. And since I've started watching the movie, I have to finish it. I'm one of those people.

It isn't as bad as I thought. I love spy movies, and I love parodies, but I'm not really a fan of Mike Myers. I liked him in Shrek (who didn't?)

The only part of the movie I found really disturbing is when Austin accidentally drinks FB's liquefied poo, mistaking it for coffee. Eeee.

Four minutes.

Well, I'm starting the new year off right. My room is not only neat, but clean to boot. (And there it will stay.) I'm exercising, and have every intent on keeping it up. I figure it took me twenty-two years to get this obese, and if I do it right only a year or two to get to normal. Twenty-two years versus two at the most. When looking at it like that, I think it will be easier to think of all that time to get thin. Healthy, actually, I don't like thin. Thin looks starved.

Three minutes.

Aunt Leona phoned earlier to wish everyone Happy New Year. Forgot to tell everyone! Shame on me! But Steph was there, she saw me pick up the phone, heard the conversation. It isn't all on my head.

Flip the channel. Watching a show on Discovery about a forgotten part of some city underground. Interesting, but I missed virtually the whole thing so....I flip the channel. Hi Austin!

Two minutes.

Right now the world is perfect. Everyone is healthy. We've all made it another year without too much damage. My brother and sister-in-law are expecting - which means for the first time in this life time I'm going to be an Aunt! Woo-hoo! My novel is traveling along, my room is clean and staying that way for the first time since . . . er . . . forget that, it will ruin the countdown.

One minute.

New Year's resolutions....hmmmmmm. Keep room clean? Finish novel? Be more spiritual? Watch the other Austin Powers' movies? I don't know, I've never made these things. Why bother? I think I'll make one, anyway. A simple one. Be healthy - in mind, soul and body. Okay, perhaps not that simple.

New Year.

So I've rang in the New Year with Austin Powers. I guess he isn't so bad. I mean, I didn't have to kiss him. And he made me laugh, while letting my mind wander to what had happened the past year. For all its ups and downs, I guess it was a good year. I'm an aunt! I'manaunt! On a side note . . .

. . . I shall never drink coffee again.

The End

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