The Art or the Sell-Out

I noticed in this long-winded essay that I wrote about selling your novel and that you should self-publish if that's your gig.  I basically put across the idea that the art in itself is what we are here for, and I still believe that's true.

However, and this is a big chunk of crow to swallow, selling to someone is just as important.

We are introverts, yes.  But who doesn't want to see their name on a spine, or in lights, or announced somewhere?  Who does this for strictly altruistic reasons, strictly for the art?

Do you do it for the fame, glory, to have people say, "Yes, I've seen that name, I know they write good stuff."

Do you do it to get the words on paper/screen?  Why do you do this?  Really ask yourself that.  Why do you write here?  Or in your journal?  Or for the school newspaper?


I've got 3 resolutions this year.  To write more, to read more, and to sell something somewhere. I'm going to be honest here.  I mean to sell something for money.

I live alone now, and times are tight.  If I can make money off my hobby, provided it doesn't turn into my job, then all the better.  It's like the scrapbooker that can make beautiful pages, or the amateur photographer who has a knack for getting The Shot.   Why say the person is a sell-out when they use their natural talents to make money?

So everything I said a few pages back, most is still true.  But today, right now, I need the money.

The End

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