It's been long, too long...

This year's resolution is 800 words a day.  That's the title of my blog, 800 Words.

I'm lucky I make 200.  That includes journaling, writing at work, writing at home, and other things.  I sat down one day and wrote out how much I game vs. how much I write.

I game 60 hours a week.  I write maybe 20 hours a week.

Gaming is mindless.  Writing is work.  When I write, I'm fishing, begging for inspiration.  My writing comes from the muses and sometimes, they clam up.  

They've also been bombarded last year with writing books.  How I "should" write.  You need conflict on every page.  You can't have talking heads.  You can't have "As you know, Bob" type of introductions.  You have to hook your readers.  You have to keep their interest through the novel.  You can't pause; there must be constant action.  Then you have to end it with a satisfying end, so that your reader can go away with a feeling of completion.

Formulas.  Tips.  Tricks, types, genre, How to write the Breakout Novel; How to write the Character Driven Novel; The New Way to Write Memoir...

I think I pissed the muses off.

Yes, they're still inspiring me.  I can write something, and then later transcribe it with more description, more adjectives and adverbs (DON'T USE ADVERBS! say the writing manuals), more zingers.  But it all comes from the characters.

I have over 30 characters in my stable.  Maybe eight or ten of them I role play in the game with; the rest have great backstories, only the ten or so have present-day wants (THEY NEED WANTS IN ORDER TO HAVE CONFLICT say the writing manuals).  Amazingly, I can keep track of them all, and they all have distinct voices.  So when I get a writing prompt, I often will drag out one of the characters and put them in my place to do the writing prompt.  My writing is in my journal, or in another writing journal on the kitchen office, or in another one in the bathroom, or the one that's in bed with me.  Some people have books, I have pens and journals all over the house.

So one of the new years' resolutions is to stop buying writing books, so that I don't beat my poor muses over the head with some other writer/editor's demands.  I will write as freely and as honestly as I can.

I will sit at the desk, and open that vein.

The End

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