Unmedicated Bipolar Disorder

When the muse sings, I know I'm in a manic phase.

Most people, if they have any sense of sanity, enjoy, love, thrive on the manic phase.  We're invincible.  We can do anything.  We can stay up all night and write, or read, or paint the house by flashlight.

I have tried to get 2000 words instead of the normal 1,666.67 words that NaNoWriMo requires.  Yesterday I barely made the 1,600.  The days before, it was 2000, one was 2100.  

I've added the NaNoWriMo book here (instead of on my website) because my website has stuff with established characters.

The first days of NaNo, I wrote nothing.  Just the very idea of trying to put together words made me depressed.  I wrote a bit in my writing notebook/journal, to try and get things going, but nothing made me want to write.  I didn't start writing until day 4, and I fell a little short...then all weekend I thought about it and started writing. 

Now, I try to write 2000 words.  If I write 2000 words, then I know I'll finish earlier.  But the problem is, with the story, and you will see, is that I have no idea where I'm going or what I'm doing.

That's the beauty of this story, isn't it?  To let the characters go and find out what they want to do, where they want to go.

I don't even know the end right now, which bothers me.  I think I'll have to send it out on so many tangents in order to get the word count up.

In the meantime, I'm hoping for more manic phases...

The End

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