Casting pearls before swine

I have this new job, which just sucks the creativity out of me nearly every day.  Do you know how difficult it is to be a teacher?  You not only have to impart knowledge to your students, but you have to keep them entertained.  

And that's where the creativity gets sucked into the black hole of the classroom.  And it's not just a classroom, but any kind of job where you need to impart knowledge to another person takes pure creativity.  It might be everything from standing up and lecturing, all the way to coming up with presentations and slides.

You might think that it takes a whole different kind of creativity.  But creativity is creativity, no matter if it's fiction or non-fiction.  Presenting information in new and different formats to have the lights on go over every student's head is just as difficult as trying to write so that the light goes on over your reader's head as well.

I have been working on some stories, but not as much as I should.  I read Writing Down the Bones, which is more for poets and Zen types than for me, but I took one of the things that she did to heart.  She filled a notebook a month with writing.  It could have been crap, and she says it was crap.  It sounds like a journal to me more than a "writer's notebook", but I decided I was going to do it.  I bought a 100 page composition notebook - my favorite type of notebook - and resolved to write three front-and-back pages per day.  Sometimes three, sometimes four, this weekend was six.  I think I can do it.

In November I'm not going to be able to because I'll have to be writing 1700 words or so a day just to keep up the NaNo story.  I can already tell that that story is going to be the most amazingly 1) convoluted, 2) stupid, 3) inept piece of crap that I'm going to come up with.  I'll be too embarrassed to put it up anywhere.  So it's staying in my Google Docs.

What I did all weekend was prep for it.  I wrote a lot.  I wrote using, of all things, astrology.

I did natal charts for my characters, and wrote up a quick blurb about them.  Quick?  Some were three pages long.  Blake was five pages.  Grim I didn't do at all because I already have him set in my mind (though Pluto is making a huge transition in his seventh house and making him change his mind about people).

I notice I like the crinkle of turning pages that have been written on, how it sounds like fall leaves, crunching in my hand.  It feels like an accomplishment, more than just words on a screen.  I like seeing the echo of the previous page on the next page, of seeing the indentation of the writing (I write hard).

I enjoy writing in these notebooks, and getting the idea out on paper, because what I think is a great idea right now could turn out to be a crappy one later which the characters will crap all over and rebel against.

I need to understand and listen that what goes on paper in these notebooks are not engraved in stone.  They're for fun.

Now I'm off to write a kidnapping story that I fleshed out in that book.

The End

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