It's the characters, stupid!

I mentioned I had a ton of characters.  In a 50,000-word novel, I had 80 characters.  This is including everything from the main character to "waitress at a restaurant" who has two lines.

Heck, even George R. R. Martin doesn't have that many.

In a 50K novel, I should have a whole lot less than that.  So yesterday I set to combine them.  Which means, of course, more major rewrites.

What did I find?

That Cimeries did not have to exist.  So he's gone.

That Grimalkin didn't have to appear before Mike loses his cool.  She could appear in his dreams while he recuperates.

That I put myself in the story.

That the fight at the end didn't have to happen because that character was never alluded to in the past and just showed up to start a fight.

Speaking of fighting, there's a lot of violence and fighting scenes that didn't have to exist.  One of them I'm wrestling with.

The MC is the type of guy who, if you cross him, waits until the opportune moment and exacts revenge.  This is how he was in the beginning of the book and the middle of the book.

The MC fell in love with a guy and the two had a relationship before the MC got called away to school.  The lover wrote letters to him for a while, then stopped writing.  The MC goes back home for an emergency and finds out that the lover has found someone new.

Now, normally, the MC would exact revenge, because that's what he's done at the beginning and the middle of the book.  But it doesn't fit in the story at this point.  I've been using index cards to try and place it before the emergency "resolves", after it, in an epilogue - and it doesn't fit anywhere. 

I'm tempted to take it out, to have the MC take the higher road for once and not exact revenge on the guy.  This would show a growing, a change in the character, because at the end, he's still bent on bringing magic and its knowledge to the masses (which is continued in the second book - depending on how many words I do with this one after the rewrites and all).

I can picture a scene when the MC meets the guy and his new beau, and confronts him, but I don't know what they say.  The Muses will give me ideas, I hope.  I just have to let them stew.

So after combining and taking scenes out, I now have about 25 characters (no longer including the "waitress as the restaurant").  That sounds a lot more manageable.

Goals: Rewrite scenes, rewrite characters.

Next: Timeline has to change due to characters getting pulled out.

The End

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