Manic Depression is a frustrating mess (Jimi Hendrix)

How I love thee.
You bring me to heights beyond that of mortal men.
And then hubris strikes.
And you bring me to the lowest of the low,
Below the belly of the worm.

You must be a goddess.
A goddess of madness and rage and fury,
Not merely the word.
I fall down and worship thee, and beg thee for blessings
Pearls from your fingers.

You fill me with joy.
My muses sing your praises to the highest mountain,
Fill my life with purpose.
And now, they say, I have been with you for too long...
Change comes as of tomorrow.

You shall not see me again.
For they have given me chemicals to bring me to normalcy.
To straighten my course.
To no longer run with you through the fields of my imagination.
I now must be...


The End

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