Kindle, Audible, Nook, or book

Write what sells, says a friend of mine, hell bent on getting published.

Okay.  So I wrote a paranormal romance, without reading any paranormal romances.  And then I read some paranormal romances.  I have five books under my belt, and I am thinking the following:

I can do a hell of a lot better than this.

But before I get into tearing apart  a romance (the critical reading will be under another title, trust me, just hang on with me), I wanted to first tear apart the media.

I have a Kindle, got one of the 2nd generation ones - you know, the one with the keyboard on it?  Still works, still nice, won't mind if I lose it on a plane ride.  Then I got a new PaperWhite Kindle.  Nice touch screen.  Sometimes too nice, as I read in bed and by simply touching an edge, I move to the next screen.  Sometimes.  Sometimes I have to give it a good whack and it'll move to the next page. 

However, here's a pro and con to Kindle: I get exposed to self-published authors.  Or books that are really cheap.  I pick up the $5 or less books, and guess what happens?

They suck.


One of the five  books I read was like this.  I got 14 pages into it and said, "Seriously...did anyone edit this?  Did they publish this?  No, it was Avon Books.  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?"

Makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. (Oops, I digress.)

I have a feeling the print book looked a lot better, and was a lot cleaner, than the Kindle book.  So in that case, maybe if I started with the print book, I would, I still would have thrown it across the room and berated myself for spending $8 on it.

Then I got a Nook.  Oh, so pretty.  Covers in color!  Backlit!  What could go wrong?

Whaddaya mean the price for a Nook book is the same as a paperback???

Well, the good thing is I don't get the self-published crap that Amazon mixes up with my recommendations.

I also have Audible.  Now, Audible is great, to me, for non-fiction, because I don't need an imagination for that.  However, there isn't that much good non-fiction in Audible that I'm looking forward to.  I'm trying to catch up with modern history (1960's onward), a time that I lived but really didn't pay attention to.

So what do I prefer?  It depends.  If I'm at work, it's Kindle on the work screen or Audible in the iPhone.  At home?  Around the house it's a regular book.  In bed it's something with a backlight (Nook/Kindle).  Everywhere else - prefer a book, but will suffer with Kindle/Nook iPhone.

Next...what I love (and hate) about romances.

The End

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