And Onwards In Prose

Okay, so maybe I didn't actually write another short story for the competition. (Probably. Okay, definitely.)

Sue me, okay? I can't write whenever I want. To quote the incessant phrase written by the fingers of DamienLeniart (I think literally every time we talk, it's mentioned) - 'the muse' writes when it pleases. I can't force it to do anything.

That's not to say I didn't actually send anything in. I did. Just not a new piece.

I kind of, may have, possibly sent in a re-edited version of 'Home Remembered Not', an old short story of mine.

(Don't start with me.)

I know! It has almost literally nothing to do with the topics (it's clearly stated in the email, Must be relevant to the topic), but if you want to look deeper and be all mystical-deep-metaphorical like I'd like you to do, then it kind of does.

(Maybe not really.)

It's 11:53 p.m. Kylie's still editing hers. (It is in fact not a cliche chick-lit novella - it's a depressed-girl-finds-herself-with-help-from-special-someone cliche novella-turned-short story. And I might sounds mean, but I couldn't care less right now, because at least it fits a frickin' topic.)

I put mine under the 'Paved and Unpaved Ways' topic. I hope that fits moderately well enough for them to accept it.

And... ImayhavealsonottoldmymotherthatIhavesentitin.


Okay! I may have also not told my mother that I have sent it in. Yes, I am a horrible human being with no respect for others or anything of the sort. I feel guilty. (Slightly. No, a lot.)

It is a very very very very (very very) bad thing, but to be very honest, lying to my mum is almost the norm for me. And yes, that pretty much sucks. (And I'm the world's worst liar, on top of that.)

I would explain further, but that would give you a nice big window to my life, and to make that window I'd have to break a hole in my very pretty little wall, so no, thank you. (It is, actually, a pretty wall. Smiles and all.)

Hmmmm. I wonder if Amelia's sent hers in. (Probably. She's way more efficient than me.)

And it says 'Last day for submission of entries is 31st July'. Does that mean it has to be sent in by before 31st or after?

Well, I didn't take my chances. It is now officially the 31st of July here, so if Kylie hasn't sent hers in yet (she hasn't) and her submission is no longer submittable, well, bad luck to her. (I'm in a slightly spiteful mood, if you hadn't noticed.)

(I think I'll post the newly edited version of 'Home Remembered Not' on Protagonize.)

Anywaaaaaay. Next time I need to ramble about writing, I'll come back here. Chat a bit. Vent a bit. Write a bit. (You get what I mean. None of us here are illiterates.)

(Ouch, that was actually really mean. Sorry to whomever is offended.)

Au revoir, kind peasants. (People*)

(And I'm going back to text speak. Oh, dear.)

The End

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