"Closed Minded"

I realised something, not so long ago. I hate people who are closed minded, when they speak about something that they know nearly nothing about. It does drives me crazy and I have the urge to kill people like that (aren't I'm a nice fluffy kitty sometimes?). 

I know that all of you heard about Twilight. Well, rather who hadn't heard about Twilight. It was everywhere, like a disease. Wherever you looked, there it was. But, I don't want to talk about this book here. This book made me realise something as well. I am closed minded too! 

I hate to admit, but you need to face your mistakes sometimes. I was hating Twilight with everyone, saying it is a book only for girls and that is just horrible. And you know what is the funny thing? I actually never did read the book! I was having my opinion on it though because, the society, made me have one and apart from fighting that, I just accepted it. But then, the question I asked myself not so long ago was:

"How I can hate something without reading/listening/seeing it?" 

So, I try to change that. I will try to get a copy of Twilight and read it fully. Only then I can give my honest opinion about it. Excited I am about one thing. Will reading that book will change my first pre-assumptions about it? 

Today's message I want to give out to you people. Do not judge anything until you know some information about it. That thing you say you "hate", might actually surprise you if you just give some time and effort to look at it closely

So, why not give it a chance? Don't be close minded!

The End

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