"Little and Innocent"

I love creating titles, so the readers will not know what to expect, so they will read my work. Is like my fetish. So, I hope that once again, you have no idea what I will be writing. Good! Let me take you on a journey through my thoughts. 

Now, what I will be writing now is only my opinion (like most of the points I put across on here), I am not experienced in the topic as much. Because, I want to talk about... relationships. And, why did I said I am not experienced? Because girls broke up with me 8 times, so there must be something wrong with me. Anyway, what is so "little and innocent"?

People say that being in a relationship is great. In my opinion that is... well, wrong! I know you are all thinking "what are you on about?" Let me explain then. Yes, being in relationship is fantastic (did I just contradicted what I said?) and that thought that you have someone that truly loves you always brings a smile to your face.


I think the most beautiful, "little and innocent" thing in the relationship is not relationship itself, but... flirting before it. Isn't it great? You start to feel younger. Every time you put compliment to someone, your heart starts to beat faster, two people in love (no matter what age), start to behave like kids again. Chasing each other around corridors, guy carrying a girl somewhere, those "little and innocent" words being whispered to each others' ears. I think that, this is the most beautiful thing about relationships. That time before someone says "yes I want to be your girlfriend."/"yes I want to be your boyfriend." 

So, what are then relationships for me? Is a trial. Because in a state I mentioned before, you rarely see the other persons' flaws, so now you will start to see them more. Is all about if you can not let the flame die.

But, if you truly love someone, trying for that person should make you happy too. So, it shouldn't be that hard!

At the end, I want to wish good luck and loads of years being spend together with the loved one to anyone on here that is in the relationship. I truly hope that it will last until the end of time! 

Ah, romantic me came out again, cannot stop that. I am, maybe naive, but I still believe in big love. Maybe one day... 

The End

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