"Happy, happy, happy... is that good?"

Today, I had an example of me being overly optimistic. I told that to Cat_Monty, now I have a proof! To explain that I am right (doesn't happen often), I have a story to tell. So, grab a cookie and come to listen! 

I went with my dad to fitness club, for the first time ever. My dad had a free pass for me, so we though "why not?" And it was great! My muscles are screaming now "it was not fun!", but I love the feeling after you exercise. Is like all the pressure came of your shoulders. Anyway, the story! 

I was trying to show to my dad that I can do just as much as he can. And... that was a big mistake. Our plan was to go to the gym (weight lifting and stuff like that), then swimming, jacuzzi, swimming again. Perfect plan, right? Well, we went to the gym and I could tell I done waay too much. I started to feel sick, really badly. My dad knew there was something up, but when he asked me if I am fine, I said I was. Why I should worry him? 

Pretending to use the toilet, I went to one of the cubicles. Quickly, I closed the door behind me and... yeah, I did throw up. Twice. But, what was interesting was the fact, that when I was throwing up, I wasn't thinking "oh my God, I am throwing up, I need to tell my dad!", but I just thought to myself "Thank God I had small breakfast and it will probably make me feel better for later." That is just who I am, I always try to see good point in things. 


Can being overly optimistic, like me, be bad? I was thinking about it on the journey home. And, although being optimistic does have it advantages (less being sad), it can be dangerous.

How it can be dangerous? You cannot sometimes see the dangers because you think everything will be fine. I experienced that, I spend an amazing day with one girl, but then all day I heard nothing from her. Normal people will think "hey, there must be something wrong...", as I was like "probably she is just busy". I am saying here that, I was not ready for a hit that came afterwards because I thought everything is fine. On the other hand, not being ready for that hit, made me be happy for longer.

Optimistic people will experience disadvantages and advantages of being optimistic, some people say even, more naive, but I do like being optimistic. Because it makes people around me happier as well. And that is what everyone wants.

For people close to their hearts to be happy.


The End

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