"Withering Rose"

I am sure you are thinking how I will relate the title to this piece of writing. Well, believe it or not, I want to talk about fake compliments. In my opinion, those are like withering rose, not needed at all. 

Quite a long time ago, I was in love with a certain girl. Her name is unimportant, however, I used to write lyrics to her, to show my affection. Some of those lyrics you can see on my profile, they are the early ones. But, back to the point. Always, that girl used to say that my lyrics are "great", that she really enjoys them. Then, I found out that, one day, she told my friend that those lyrics were making her be bored

Not only it got me down because I lost one person that apparently "liked" my lyrics, but also, I lost the trust in her. And, now my question comes.

Why people say fake compliments?

It doesn't help anyone to become better, in fact, it does the quite opposite, it might make someone believe in themselves too much. Why bring some on the top of the mountain and then push that someone off it when she/he will find out the truth

If you are good friends with someone, then just be honest. Or rather, always be honest. Be nice about giving a critique, showing also good points, but never ever give someone the withering rose

The End

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