"Feeling Free"

About a week ago, I came back from my two weeks holidays. But, I will not be writing here, how the holidays went (they went great!), but about something I realised. And, it might be simple, but I realised that everyone needs sometimes just a break from everything

Let me explain. I don't mean like summer holidays, were you just take the break from school. I mean a break where you cannot communicate with people you usually talk to, so you cannot listen to their problems. For two weeks, I was without the internet at all. It was not possible for me to chat with anyone. As, at the beginning, I was feeling dead bad about that, soon I realised that first time in ages I felt... free.  Nothing to worry about and even though I knew I would need to come back to all my problems and this reality I hate, but love at the same time, I was feeling great

I advise you people. Once in a while, ignore just everyone. Maybe even for an hour or two, but you will then come back with double the power to deal with things. I came back and I am willing to give an effort to help people again.

Everyone needs a break from everything once in a while in this crazy tornado called life.  

Everyone deserves to be free.

The End

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