"Sex without love and... box of chocolates?"

You are probably thinking that I went insane because of the title. But, carry on reading and you will understand where it came from.

I hear many stories being said by my age group about one night stands. Many people said to me that sex like that is great because you get pleasure and then you don't need to worry about the other person anymore. Is like you don't need to try anymore, you get what you want. My opinion on that? Animals behave the same.

No, I am not saying that sex is wrong. I think it is a beautiful act of pure love, that brings a relationship to the next level. It is very private and it shows passion between two people.

But having sex with someone just because it feels nice is like… getting a box of chocolates, you open it and you find there are no chocolates inside. There isn't that feeling that grabs your heart and makes you gasp for air. Is just lust; as I mentioned before, people behaving like animals.

Why people do one night stands? Yes, you get short pleasure, but then you cannot clean your consciousness. You will need to live with that event in your memories to the rest of your life, no matter how much you will try to forget about it.

And… and that what really annoys me nowadays. Okay, if you want to live in shame and maybe hurt the other person, then go for it, have one night stands. But at least wear protection! I don't think at the young age you want to be parents already. And we are wondering why we have so many broken families nowadays…

Just before you do anything, THINK. Do you really want to do it? THINK about consequences. THINK how it could make you feel later. THINK, and that is the most important, how the other person will end up feeling. You could ruin their courage in relationships and even make them go into depression because they can feel just used.

You still want to do it? 

The End

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