"Famous = everyone knows about your death"

I was thinking about the past. People come and go. Lives need to carry on going and we cannot stop that. Time doesn’t have any mercy. I reminded myself of all those big deaths that were in the news. The deaths that did shock the entire world because they were not really expected.

 “Whitney Houston Dead at 48”

“Singer Michael Jackson dies at 50”

And so many more. It annoys me. Don’t get me wrong. I do have a lot of respect for those two people that died. I appreciate human life and I am sure they brought something into the world we live in today. They left their mark on the planet. And those two people who I mentioned probably did change the music industry forever.


You hear about celebrities deaths on news, everyone is sad, people go on to light their votive candles to show respect. “What a hero he was.” They done so much for the world, they were great at what they were doing. All of the sudden, they are perfect.You know what I hate?

People die every single day! Children from hunger and many others during wars. There is mourning everyday. On average, 1.8 people die every second. Undernutrition kills five million children under five each year in developing countries. But, those people are not on news, millions don’t cry over them. What makes us decide that some deaths are more important that others? Every single death is important! Every single life had value! Everyone is equal. Even taking religion into this, God made everyone equal to each other. So why we care about some deaths more?

 Every life is important!

So why do we make celebrities deaths be more important than some kid dying in developing countries because of hunger?

The End

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