"What is going on?"

I must say I like my generation. Yes, we are not perfect and sometimes we cross over the line, but they are some people in my generation that are like diamonds and they restore my faith. Ask them about Titanic. The touching story of two lovers going against all odds and misfortunes. Going against everything that was "right" at the time. The boat sinking, just like the hope for people to stay alive. My generation knows that there was a real ship called "Titanic" and it did actually sink. You are probably thinking now "well who doesn't know that?". Well... you'll be surprised. 

I don't want here to go on about some people not knowing about Titanic. Well, it is just an example I will use to talk about... new generations of teenagers. The ones that think they are cool by going to parties all the time and thinking that being in library is lame. If being in library is so bad, then you know what? I want to be lame, but also smarter and have my own little world. 

Lets go back to Titanic. I was sure, so sure everyone knew it was based on true story. Well... I am only a human, I can be wrong right? 

Yes, that's right. Some of the newest generations of teenagers were thinking that Titanic was just a film! Many people will ask me now "but why do you care so much, not everyone must know about this stupid boat!"

I understand that some people might not know about it. What annoys me though in those newest generations is lack of wanting to know more. They will not do extra research, they will not put extra effort in. Wanting to do as little as possible is what interests them the most. 

You might say that that famous quote "children are our future". I am afraid that sometimes I wish that those words are not real because if they are... I am scared for the future. 

Many hobbies because of lack of trying extra by newest generations can die out. Reading, few sports and even writing. Try to go to some kid from newest generations of teenagers and tell her/him your passion is to write. What you will hear?

"Lame. Why don't you play Call of Duty or do something more fun?"

Swearing, parties, skipping lessons, drugs and sex. The newest generations grow up quicker... is it good? I don't think so.

At the end of this train of my thoughts, I just want to say that no, I do not categorise people. I know that in newest generations of teenagers there are some people that love writing and reading. And that they feel like they don't fit in the group. I just want to say to them...

Don't mind what other people think, do what you love! 

The End

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