"Valentine's Day"

Valentine's Day. It is when all the couples show their great love to each other and how many people start dating. When single person like me, feel a little bit bad about not having anyone to hug and whisper those three magical words "I love you". Yes I am romantic, so I miss trying for a girl. Beautiful day, full of love and colour red. So what I can find annoying about it? Read on and you will find out. 

People especially try for Valentine's Day to show their emotions and feelings, many people say it is a chance to be romantic. Before I say what I don't like about that, lets do some maths. The Valentine's Day accounts for 0.27% of a whole year. So, therefore you have 99.73% of the year left to do what you want.

The question I want to ask is why we only want to be romantic during Valentine's Day? We should be trying every single day. No, I don't say go crazy and buy presents for your love ones every single day. But sometimes you can just be romantic without a reason. Believe me, by being romantic without any occasion you can have a truly magical time. Use 99.73% of the year to make that special someone smile! It can be even one message saying "good morning beautiful", take her to a restaurant. Isn't all that effort worthy of the smile and the emotions you will feel and your heart racing? 

For me, Valentine's Day is too commercial. I don't say that you shouldn't do anything for that day. But don't get mad if you don't get something really good.

Stop being materialistic and don't share wealth, but your souls. Your emotions, your dreams, hopes and fears. Let your hearts joined in the passionate dance of love. 

The End

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