"Respect... or lack of it"

I was witness of something that really did annoyed me. I mean really did. And it happened during Easter time when everything suppose to be so great. I saw so much ignorance and what made me angry: total lack of respect.

But, before I go into a rant, sit down children and let me tell you a story of what actually happened. There is a tradition for Polish people during Easter. Baskets containing a sampling of Easter foods are brought to church to be blessed on Holy Saturday

I must admit. I am not a Catholic myself, however I have respect to religion and to people that believe in any kind of religion. It is their free will to do so. I am alright with people trying to convince me to their point of view, but not when they try to shove it down my throat. But, anyway, the main point is that I respect religion and people that believe in it. 

People that were gathered called themselves Christians. Every. Single. Person. In. There. So, it is just pure logic that they should respect priest and the special mass right? Well, I guess I was wrong. 

First, the priest was talking about Easter, saying all the prayers needed. What I did expect?


So silent that I would hear it. I didn't mind little kids shouting a little because they are only small. But, what I wouldn't expect is to hear adults that should know better talking about their plans for the day while priest was talking! People who say they are image of great Christians were not even listening to what priest had to say... I looked around thinking I was taking part in some comedy show and soon there will be some random guy jumping at front of me saying "you just took part in our comedy show, there is a cheque for £1,000", but that never happened. I was in reality and the reality seemed so... unreal. 

Me, not Catholic person was quiet, catching every word the priest had to say. Who knows, it could change my way of thinking. But me, who doesn't believe in God, I showed more respect to the priest than the so-called Catholics that were in the building. 

Alright, maybe everyone is allowed a little chat. So, I should just forget about that. Maybe those people just had a bad day? Maybe they were saying something important to each other, I didn't hear all the conversations that were going on. 

What did tip the balance, and I felt like really shouting inside, was when baskets were blessed by priest, he asked as a person in authority in the church for people to stay a little bit longer, so they would hear what he had to say. For about only 5 minutes! It's not that much to ask right? 

Well, it was for some people. Straight after the priest blessed the baskets, people started to leave the building. I was shocked. Once again, me and a few of my friends that don't believe in God, did show more respect than people who believe in Him. Maybe I just found myself in a fantasy? No, it was real world. 

I hate that. Lack of respect. And more importantly...  showing off with religion. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against religion. I just hate people who just come to church just to fit in, just to show that they are "good Christians" when they don't even care about God. 

Just one word to them I can say. Hypocrites.

The End

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