My thoughts about subjects I find important in my life.

Writing. Being able to choose from 26 letters that create words and from millions of words being able to form and create the most powerful sentence possible. Why do people like writing? The reasons are endless. Why do I write? Imagine living in your own world. One that you create and no one else has key to it. You open it and as a wave, a million possibilities of what could happen come to you. You feel the emotions with the characters; you feel their sorrow, happiness. You are them, you gave them some part of your soul. Also, having the control is great. You decide what will happen and how the character will end up. Is great having this place you can just close your eyes and make it a place you want it to be. No boundaries, no rules, no wrong or right decision. Everything is in yours hands. If writing could be my wife... she would be perfect. It is not just a passion... it is passionate love.

Writing. My little escape from reality. Where everything is possible. 

The End

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