Writers block on the starting blockMature

So, where to begin? All stories start somewhere, I wrote a few stories way back in the day in grade school, seemed so easy to let your imagination take control of your thoughts and get lost in other worlds back then. Since then i've had many new beginnings to a story i don't know the end to yet that i call my life .I grew up in small town Surbubia ,living the nuclear family life, like you see in Disney movies, more or less the same as every other family in town. I was pretty much the boy next door, played sports, had friends, birthday parties, family vacations, summers at the cottage , i was the newspaperboy, went to church, 1st job was at McDonalds ahaha, bought a car as soon as i got my licensce.Somewhere my story took a turn, not really sure if it was for the better or worse yet. My family moved up to our cottage full time and at first it was like being on holidays until the summer was over and life as i knew it changed. I had planned on being becoming an autobody mechanic after high school, I had no delusions of grandeur, i had a lot of interests but never excelled at anything to the point of pursuing any kind of dream. I loved working on cars but wasn't mechanically inclined enough to be a mechanic so i chose the bodywork side of it. Well, there was not much in the way of jobs let alone my "dream job" at a beach area and i fell into a rut of living like a beach bum, doing whatever it took to get drunk and party , got into a lot of trouble and after a year of drunken debauchery, hopped on a bus to the big city with nothing but the clothes i was wearing.

The End

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